When attending a Service Summit in her husband’s honor, Coretta Scott King stated that “the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”  To date, Northampton Community College’s (NCC) Center for Civic and Community Engagement (CCCE) works to promote Volunteerism, Service Learning, and Civic Engagement opportunities in Lehigh, Northampton, and Monroe counties and beyond. CCCE’s success is measured not only by the impact that NCC’s volunteers have on the greater community, but also the moral, personal and social growth, and development of our volunteers.

CCCE would like to use this opportunity to thank faculty, staff and students who were engaged in volunteer related services and other CCCE sponsored programs and events in the current academic year (2021 – 2022). The following highlights NCC’s commitment to encourage individuals to be agents of change in their communities.

2022 Day of Service: NCC celebrated its 7th Annual Day of Service on Thursday, March 31, 2022. The Annual Day of Service, coordinated by the Center for Civic and Community Engagement (CCCE) is an opportunity for NCC students, faculty and staff to give back to our communities and help raise awareness of needs in our communities, and the organizations that serve those needs.

  • Camel’s Hump Farm Nature Center: Helped plant trees at the Nature Center located in Bethlehem
  • Gracedale Nursing Home: Hosted games happy hour with residents.
  • Family Promise of Monroe County: Helped with sorting and organizing birthday gift donations for guests.
  • By the People!: Transcribed historic documents for the Library of Congress to improve accessibility.
  • The Gress Mountain Ranch (TGMR): Participated in the beautification of TGNR as well as caring for the animals.
  • Camelot for Children: Assisted with ground beautification projects.
  • Art Fundraiser for Ukraine: Created screen printed artwork that will be sold at an Earth Day event to raise funds for Ukrainian relief aid.

Thanks again to everyone who made this NCC’s volunteer initiative a success. We look forward to engaging with you all in the next academic year.

Interested in volunteering? Please contact Natalie Sobrinski, CCCE Program Coordinator, nsobrinski@northampton.edu.