Adult Students Have an Advantage in the Classroom at NCC


At Northampton Community College (NCC), adult students, typically defined as anyone age 25 and over, are a valued addition to the learning environment at NCC. 

As an adult student, you bring maturity and motivation to your studies, and a wealth of professional and personal experiences to the classroom and to your professors and fellow students. This, in addition to your perseverance and knowing who you are and what you want, gives you a real advantage if you decide to go back to school. 

Northampton Community College is dedicated to helping adult students succeed. We know that adult learners are incredibly diverse.  People who have or are serving in the military, those working and raising families, adults who want to increase their earning potential and/or change careers, are all among the adult students the college serves. 

Here is why NCC is the right choice for adult students: 

  1. Affordability 
    Did you know that our students save more than $25,000 each year on tuition costs when comparted to other area colleges and universities? In fact, NCC offers the largest private scholarship program of any community college in Pennsylvania. Ninety percent of our students who apply for aid qualify. 
  1. Training for High Demand Occupations 
    As an adult student, you are realistic. You need a tangible return on your educational investment.  If you are not sure what you want to pursue, you’ll get help choosing an area of study that will help you further your professional life and prepare you for a job that pays well and offers stability. 
  1. Flexibility 
    Seventy nine percent of our students work while attending classes, which is why we provide flexibility needed to maintain balance as you work towards your goals. NCC offers a robust selection of online and blended learning options during the day, evenings and even Saturdays to allow you to work around your busy schedule. 
  1. Find a New Career Fast 
    If you are looking to quickly get retrained and start a new career, NCC offers an array of short-term certificate programs designed to prepare you quickly for a new career. 
  1. Get Help You Need as an Adult Student to Succeed 
    If you enroll at NCC, you’ll get support every step of the way. Academic advisors can help you choose a program of study and classes that meet your needs. Tutoring and library services are offered online and during the evening, so you can access help whenever you need it. Childcare centers at our Bethlehem and Monroe campuses offer part-time scheduling options and discounted rates to NCC students.  

Choose NCC and become like 9 out of 10 of our recent grads – employed in their field or position of choice! Or transfer to one of the top colleges and universities in the nation or the region while saving 50% of the cost of a four-year degree. Take your first step and apply today at