Happy Administrative Professionals Day!  So what?  There is a day for practically every profession, right?  I clearly do not know the answer to that (without doing a ton of research), but what I do know is a strong administration is essential to an organization.  Essential.  Now that’s a word we’ve heard quite a bit about lately.  There are essential workers in every walk of life and in every organization.  It’s a shame that it took a pandemic for many people to understand what a true “essential” worker is.

 Why have a salute to Administrative Professionals?  Here is some history.  During World War II there was a shortage of people with the skills of an administrative professional.  In 1942, the National Secretaries Association formed to recognize the contributions of administrative personnel to the economy, support their development, and attract workers to the field. During their first year as an association, they created National Administrative Professionals Day. The day has undergone many name changes but the initial goal to celebrate and recognize all the hard work administrative professionals do has never changed. 

Secretarial pool, 1956.

Do you know that there are close to a hundred jobs landing under the title of administrative professional?  It’s even possible that a person who specializes in one of these fields doesn’t even realize they are considered in an “administrative” role.  The International Association of Administrative Professionals defines the career path as individuals who are responsible for administrative tasks and coordinate information to support an office environment and are dedicated to furthering their growth in their chosen profession. Administration includes a wide variety of duties including office management, answering the phone, clerical work, speaking with clients, data entry, and record maintenance.  WOW!

So, why should we love Administrative Professionals Day?  Why celebrate?  If you haven’t already figured out their importance to your organization, let’s just say that in this Blogger’s opinion, they deserve more recognition.  A lot of what this profession does can often go unrecognized, but we all know the work is essential to a functional office/organization’s life.  Here’s another reason:  administrative professionals often clean up the chaos that surrounds an environment and everyone knows they work hard to do this and, frankly, because administrative professionals often get overlooked, they deserve their own day. 

It is estimated there are approximately 22 million Administrative Professionals in the United States. Since we cannot recognize them by our traditional means due to the pandemic, we can recognize these essential folks individually.  Here are some ideas:  Duh… how about saying “Thank you for everything you do today and every day!”  (Personally, I think this should be done all the time).  Buy an administrative professional a cup of coffee, tea, or the like; something that is top drawer.  (I would have loved a nice mineral water bottle!).  How about a card – or even something handmade – on every desk of the administrative professionals in your environment.  I know it is harder to do things when many of us may be working from home but in this case, as they say, “talk is cheap”, so pick up the phone and recognize the hard work these professionals do, put a card in the mail and remember the word “essential”.  April 21st… mark it on your calendar now!

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