We are living in a time that is unprecedented in so many ways, sadly many of which shake my faith in humanity. None more so than the continued acts of discrimination, racism, intolerance and violence against individuals of diverse backgrounds that plague our country.

I was reminded of how pervasive these acts are when l learned of the shooting last Tuesday in the Atlanta area. Eight innocent victims were killed, including six Asian women, part of a terribly troubling trend of acts of violence against members of the nation’s Asian community.

And so I am reaching out, asking members of NCC’s campus community, to join me in denouncing these abhorrent acts in the strongest terms possible. I continue to believe that the greatest strengths of NCC are our people, our diversity, our genuine commitment to one another, and our shared values. I invite you to join me in demonstrating that by reaching out to our students, faculty, and staff of Asian descent during these challenging times.

Many of these members of our community are experiencing fear and pain and need our support. Please know that NCC remains fiercely committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to ensuring every member of this community is honored and celebrated for being their authentic selves.

Dr. Mark H. Erickson
President, Northampton Community College