What are the best tech gifts of 2020?  Which gadgets are the coolest?  Every list is different, but here are my top ten picks for the 2020 holiday season!!!

10.  Larq Movement Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle:  If you asked me a year ago, I would have told you this was the dumbest product on the market.  Then a plague broke out, and we can’t be too overzealous in our sanitation!  This gadget is a little costly, but the comfort of knowing your water bottle will sanitize itself?  Priceless.

Larq Movement Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle

Cost:  $78.00

9.  The (newest) Apple Watch (SE):  While the Apple Watch has been around for a while, the newest one is my most favorite one.  Now, there are three watches you can get.  The highest one tracks your heart rate and oxygen….and that’s fabulous, but, truthfully, if I need those things tracked, I am probably in an ER somewhere.  The cheapest one doesn’t do nearly enough cool things.  The middle one, in my humble opinion, is your best option.

Apple Watch SE

Cost: $280

8.  Moon Ultralight:  Taking selfies but need some light?  This handy little gadget clips to your phone and gives you all the best in mobile lighting. I look forward to trying this on the trail!

Moon Ultralight

Cost: $59 (free shipping)

7.  Indoor Smart Garden:  Want to have fresh basil in February? This LED garden allows you to grow up to three herbs at a time . . . indoors! 

Indoor Smart Garden

Cost:  $100

6.  Philips SmartSleep Smart Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation:  As a hiker, I spent a lot of time waking up early with the first bossy bird.  At home, though, I have a hard time getting up to my Alarmy app.  This wee gadget aims to combine both technology and nature, and I hope Santa brings this!

Philips SmartSleep Smart Alarm Clock

Cost:  $40

5.  HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer:  I take a lot of pictures of trail, and it would be cool to share some right there on the spot when we meet trail angels.  I think this handy gadget will let me do just that!

Hp Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer

Cost:  $100

4.  TopVision Mini Projector:  Broadcast your phone…in your yard!  We’ve hosted several King Kong Movie Marathons in our yard with similar projectors, but THIS one uses your phone!  WOO!!  Bring on The Princess Bride!

TopVision Mini Projector

Cost: $90

3.  Bose Audio SunglassesHate wearing earbuds when you are out jogging?  Wear these audio sunglasses by the leader in radios! 

Boise Audio Sunglasses

Cost:  $180

2.  My Skin Track UV Detector:  This is an Apple only product, but if you are out in the sun like I am and get burned like I do…you totally want this!

My Skin Track UV Detector

Cost:  $60

1.  Artie 3000 Coding Robot:  Of course I couldn’t let this list go without something fun for kids (and adults!).  Learn the language of peace by coding this adorable robot.

Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Cost:  $70