With support from Amy ’09 and Michael Klotz, disc golf is taking NCC by storm.

With picturesque courses and carefully manicured greens, traditional golf has attracted enthusiasts for literally generations. However, a growing number of mostly younger players have begun eschewing the long-playing times, expensive equipment and pricey fees for a newer version that seems more in tune with the times… disc golf!

And thanks to Amy and Michael Klotz, it’s a sport that now has a growing following at NCC, attracted by a brand-new disc golf course on campus made possible through their generosity.

A family affair

Amy and Michael Klotz caught the disc golf bug years ago. “My husband played ultimate Frisbee competitively in college and then ‘retired’ into disc golf,” Amy said. So great is their connection to the sport that their family even built their house in walking distance to a disc golf course where they take their boys, Jake, 5, and Elliott, 8.

Amy herself is no stranger to NCC. In fact, she has had a lifetime affiliation with the college that began years ago when she was an energetic young Horizons for Youth program participant, something in which her children have followed suit. Once she aged out of the Horizons program, Amy became a program counselor.

So when it was time to begin her college studies, NCC was a natural starting point. “I feel at home at the college. It’s such a good community here, and when I was studying here, it was a safe place for me to explore and not go into crazy debt.

“NCC was truly a transformative experience for me,” she says. Her affinity for the college led her to become an adjunct accounting professor as well as a generous benefactor through her family’s support of the disc golf course.

Charting a new course

The snazzy new NCC Disc Golf Course debuted on the Bethlehem campus last summer. With nine holes, it is open to the public, accessible at any time and is located adjacent to the East 40 community garden. Rounds can be completed in as little as an hour and there’s no cost to play.

“We saw the value of bringing disc golf to the college for a number of reasons,” said Amy. “Individuals from the college and community members can get together for something fun and active on campus with the benefit of being outdoors. And because it’s affordable and easy to play, anyone can get involved.”

The Klotz family’s appreciation to NCC and their belief in the importance of community engagement played a crucial role in bringing disc golf to the campus.

“Their family’s involvement illustrates the impact of giving back to your community,” said Sharon Beales, vice president of Institutional Advancement. “We’re so very grateful for their vision that brought disc golf to our campus as well as their ongoing support of the college.”