Initially attracted to NCC by its much-touted funeral services program, Alexis Brown soon learned that the college had so much more to offer.

Alexis Brown first arrived at NCC’s Bethlehem campus after being lured there by the college’s funeral services program, one of only two in the state and among the very best in the nation. And while the experience led her toward an unwavering commitment to the funeral services profession, it also developed her as a focused, independent young professional with a vision for her future and the drive to make her mark.

Brown, who was a Louise Moore Pine Endowment Scholarship recipient for the 2022-2023 academic year, says her NCC education pushed her academic limits and that she found the funeral services program’s rigorous curriculum challenging but equally rewarding. The program provided her with the hands-on learning she needed through weekly clinical sessions that well equipped her with the training she needed to gain confidence and push ahead.

After graduating in May 2023, she took the national and state board exams for funeral service licensing – and passed! This summer she stepped into the field through a one-year internship at Bachman, Kulik, and Reinsmith Funeral Homes in Allentown, Pa., a pivotal experience that is laying the foundation for her career.

A Very Special Place

Beyond awards and a scholarship, NCC offered Brown something more profound—an environment that nurtured her professional aspirations and lasting friendships. The significance of connections with professors and peers was an invaluable asset, one that made a lasting impact.

“NCC felt like a home away from home,” she said.

“I didn’t enroll in NCC just for the funeral services program, but because NCC is not just a regular community college,” said Alexis. “It’s so much more. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s an experience I’ll always remember.”