Graduate Spotlight: Maurice Whan

Student Maurice Whan was able to find a new sense of confidence within himself during his time at NCC.


Maurice Whan, a communications major at Northampton Community College (NCC), had always been uncertain about his career path. With the help of NCC, he was able to explore different fields of study and find his true calling. 

“Be open to trying new things,” Whan advises other students. “There might be a class or two that you never would consider taking, but it might lead you to discovering your dream profession. The most unique thing about my program is that it exposes students to so many different fields of study.” 

Whan plans to continue his education at Drexel University, where he hopes to obtain his bachelor’s degree and potentially a master’s. Whan’s scholarships through Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and the Drexel Promise (which will cover half of his tuition at the institution), make attending Drexel financially attainable. His ultimate career goal is to work in Human Resources, where he can use his skills to maintain relationships and inspire creativity in the workplace.  

“I enjoy making meaningful connections and listening to others empathetically,” Whan says, feeling his career path will allow him to use his strengths effectively. 

Whan’s involvement in clubs and organizations, particularly Student Senate and PTK, helped him develop leadership skills and make strong connections. He credits his advisors, Doug Smith and Jennifer Del-Quadro, for their support and encouragement throughout his college journey. His involvement on campus led him to receive scholarships such as the Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship and the Pan African Caucus Educational Scholarship. 

However, Whan’s journey was not without its challenges. He struggled with financial hardships and mental health issues, seeking help from “Better Help” for his anxiety, stress and depression. Through proper care and support, he overcame his struggles to become his best self. He encourages others to reach out to those they trust and take advantage of the extensive resources available to them. 

Thanks to NCC, Whan was able to find a new sense of confidence within himself and recognize his strengths as a scholar and leader. He is grateful for the tools and experiences that NCC has given him and believes that it has prepared him for success in both the working world and higher education.