Grad Spotlight: Dan Lischner 

Dan Lischner is excited for new opportunities where he can continue to expand on what he's learned at NCC.


Dan Lischner’s passion for building and creating drove him to study engineering at Northampton Community College (NCC) as an adult student.  
After leaving his manufacturing management job with OraSure, Lischner found himself taking on similar responsibilities at Penn Sheet Metal and wanted to put an education behind his experience. Although juggling work and school was not always easy, Lischner persevered. 

Throughout his time with the college, Lischner emphasized the importance of hard work and dedication. He knew that to excel, he had to immerse himself in his studies, do the homework diligently, and strive to be the student who raised the bar for others. In his pursuit of knowledge, he found support and inspiration from professors like Professors Davis and Mount, who made complex concepts easily understandable. 

“I spent five years proving to myself that earning a degree was possible, even for someone who had a tough time with my studies in high school. Graduation day has finally come, and I am ecstatic with the opportunities unfolding in front of me.” 

Lischner joined PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) and appreciated the sense of belonging it provided. He knew that the friendships and connections he had made during his time at college would endure.  

Armed with determination, a strong work ethic, and a passion for both engineering and operations management, Lischner’s ready to overcome any obstacles that come his way. 

“I’d like to continue to help build amazing things. In my past, I fabricated vessels for transporting liquid helium, hydrogen reformers, and even a proton beam generator for Jefferson Lab. In my future, I’d like to accomplish goals on an even bigger scale.” 

Since pursuing his degree at NCC, Factory LLC in Bethlehem offered Lischner the position of operations and maintenance manager for a protein bar production line. He seized the opportunity to put his skills to use and contribute to the growth of manufacturing in the Lehigh Valley.  

For now, Lischner will continue in the workforce with plans of taking his existing credits and transferring them to an online school to complete a bachelor’s degree in operations management and eventually, engineering.