Grad Spotlight: Jennifer Weiss

Jennifer Weiss found a career she enjoys after a history of dreams unfulfilled.


Jennifer Weiss graduated from Northampton Community College (NCC) in August 2022 as a registered diagnostic sonographer, fulfilling a dream that was long delayed. Weiss will participate in the January 2023 commencement with her family proudly watching. 

After nearly a decade of taking classes and working in non-satisfying jobs, Weiss, who is 34 and the mother of three, decided to apply for a spot in NCC’s popular medical sonography program. The program was challenging, but she finally had the confidence she needed to succeed. 

“I didn’t realize how hard it would be, but I felt ready and was able to do well,” she said. “The college provided support and resources that helped tremendously.” 

Her younger children attended Reibman Hall Children’s Center on NCC’s Bethlehem campus while Weiss took classes, studied, and worked. Everyone thrived. 

Weiss serves as a tutor for NCC sonography students. While a student, she was accepted in the Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center, a program that trains health students for rural and underserved care. “That’s a special interest to me because I once benefited from community programs,” she said. “I always wanted to give back.” 

Currently employed as a sonographer by Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono, Weiss plans to eventually pursue a bachelor’s degree. She would one day like to serve as faculty at NCC. 

“It’s been a long road, but it was definitely worth it,” Weiss said. “NCC helped me learn to go after opportunities when they appeared, even when I was afraid I might fail. That made all the difference.” 

Susan Shelly is a freelance writer and editor. Areas of expertise include education, healthcare, business, substance abuse treatment, religion, and gardening. She especially enjoys research and has written or contributed to a number of corporate histories, including “The Legend of Vanity Fair,” “We Are Penn State Berks,” and “The Caron Way.” Shelly’s real passion, however, is telling the stories of people from all walks of life – one no more or less important than another.