As the pandemic continues, we are all in the same storm, but not everyone is in the same boat. Some are in yachts while others are in canoes, and there are some who are drowning as they try to get back in their boat. Many of our students, employees and community members are struggling, and NCC wants to spread kindness just when we all need it the most.

The #NCCKindnessProject is all about random acts of kindness that we can give to our community and NCC family. Stay tuned in and engaged with our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter social media channels for the chance to be our next #NCCKindnessProject recipient!

NCC will choose people at random weekly to recieve gifts that include e-gift cards, bookstore supplies and NCC gear.

Each recipient will be encouraged to pay it forward or share kindness on their own social media with the hashtag #NCCKindnessProject.

Send your own acts of kindness or an inspirational/positive quote to live by to so we can show off our awesome NCC community members!