On December 11 at 7 p.m. the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) at Northampton Community College (NCC) held a virtual induction ceremony for 30 new members.  

“The students who are a part of NSLS are learning about leadership and will take the skills they learn here into their futures. We are excited for them to be inducted and have the NCC community celebrate their accomplishments,” said Fran Boshell, assistant director of Student Life on Monroe Campus and one of the advisors for NSLS at NCC. 

NCC would like to congratulate the new members: 

Harriet Arnold, Danial Belles, Ventzislav BojankovArieCastaneda RodriguezMarilyn CastroKassandra CuevasMcKenna Doyle, Jeanette GilboKylie HayesAmanda HeftAnthony IndelicatoBethany LathamAlanna LauterShiann MalvasiJosephine MilanziAlyssa MooreLourdes MoralesSean O’ConnorLori OberleJames OwensHannah PaukovitsHannah RyanTracy TysonIrena WimmerMilissa ZellerHope BarnesEmily SteinfeldXuliana DeFilippisHaley Gonsalves, and Carmen Panico.  

Congratulations also goes to Keri Reese, 2019 inductee, for receiving The Advanced Certificate, where members go from learning to taking on leadership roles through community service and mentor relationships. This is an amazing accomplishment as an NSLS member. 

The NSLS is an organization that provides a life-changing leadership program helping students achieve personal growth and career success. NSLS is the only honor society to offer accredited leadership training and certification. New members decide whether they want to be a regular member or become an inducted member by completing the four-step program that will enhance their leadership skills and promote greater self-accountability. The program starts with an orientation to NSLS, includes leadership training day,  

Over the course of the semester students will have gone through orientation which explains what NSLS is and what the semester will entail. Next, Leadership Training Day has interactive video training session where students identified their goals, strengths, aspirations, what they want to accomplish, and how to overcome adversity that they may face during the process. In the final steps 3 & 4, students will have completed three speaker broadcasts and three success networking team sessions. This includes leaders, authors, celebrities, and successfully known people to share their stories about leadership, identifying goals, facing challenges, and personal growth. This semester students were excited hear from Matthew McConaughey, Bill Nye, Dr. Simone Ahuja, David Chang, Clarissa Ward and many more.  

Through the use of technology, students were able to meet and discuss weekly goals with NSLS new software. Once these steps are completed students are officially celebrated and inducted into the society.  

Some of the wonderful benefits that students can take away from their experience with NSLS are scholarships and awards exclusive to NSLS members, networking opportunities, personal success coaching, peer leadership skills, sustainable motivation, and real-world skills.