Amina Mosavi is a fine arts student at Northampton Community College (NCC) set to graduate in May 2022. Mosavi emigrated to Bethlehem from Afghanistan with her husband five years ago, and they moved to Clarksville, TN in December 2021 with their young daughter to support her husband’s work in the United States Army. With the will to finish her degree, she decided to finish her coursework remotely in Tennessee. Before leaving, Mosavi had a plan for her art exhibition, a large part of the curriculum at NCC. Typically, this takes place in the gallery on campus, but Mosavi worked with her professors to find an organization that would help her exhibit her artwork. Arts for Hearts organized an exhibition at The First Presbyterian Church in downtown Clarksville for Mosavi to fulfil this required part of her studies.

Mosavi’s art on display at her reception

The reception held on April 7 was a memorable one for Mosavi, “It was great, and I met some other artists. I was able to show my paintings with the help of this group, and honestly, I did not think that my work would be so warmly welcomed. Guests loved the artwork and encouraged me to continue my work. I am very grateful to my professors and all those who pushed me in this field.” 

In her final semester at NCC, Mosavi has been focusing on making paintings that highlight her love of fashion and celebrate Afghani arts and style. Once she receives her A.A. in fine arts, Mosavi intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. 

“Tenacious, Mosavi was determined to finish her degree from NCC. She generously shares her opinions with other students about their work and is so eager to learn from everyone in the room. I hope her exhibition in Clarksville helped to further integrate her into the local community and contributes to her continued success in her desired paths,” said her professor, NCC’s Rachael Gorchov. 

Graduating fine arts students, including Mosavi, presented their work made during their final semester at NCC in artist talks on April 18. If you’d like to see the art work personally, visit the accompanying exhibition in Communications Hall Gallery until April 25.