Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association (PDHA) held its annual statewide informative poster presentation competition on November 11, 2021. This year’s event was held virtually, and members of Northampton Community College’s Dental Hygiene Class of 2022 competed and took home six out of ten of the awards!

A cash prize was given to award winners, along with certificates of participation for all presenters. The NCC dental hygiene students who won and their rankings are:

1st–  Alyssa Martin – Managing Patients with Anxiety/Phobias with Animal-Assisted Therapy
2nd– Keely Kilmurray and Monica Vera- Dental Induced Hearing Loss
3rd- Josecelyn Billiard, Rossleidy Vargas, and Monica Zavala- Cultural Influences in the Oral Cavity
4th– Lyddia Malaska and MacKenzie  Whitmer- The Sea Regenerates Me
6th– Alesha Brown, Cassidy Davis, DeAngela Thompson- The Dental Endoscope: The Future of Periodontal Therapy
8th– Kaitlin Valentine and Janel Glanzman- Have You Heard About Dental Probiotics?

Licensed dental hygienists registered for the event to receive continuing education credits and served as judges of the presentation. All proceeds from this event went to the PDHA scholarship fund, available to all dental hygiene students in the state of Pennsylvania.

The curriculum for NCC’s two-year dental hygiene program includes a combination of sciences, lectures, labs and direct involvement with patient care at the college’s on-site dental hygiene clinic, located at the Southside Center. The program prepares graduates to be competent oral health clinicians with the ability to develop effective oral health programs that can be utilized in practices, schools, private businesses, and a variety of private and public settings in the community.

NCC’s dental hygiene program is among the most respected and competitive in Pennsylvania, and is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.