Tynia Mable’s decision to enroll at Northampton Community College (NCC) was an unusual one. A native of the Bronx, she was living in Pennsylvania, driving to visit relatives, when she spotted a sign saying “Northampton Community College” from her car.  

“Y.O.L.O. (you only live once)” she told herself.  “GET THIS DEGREE!” She immediately turned into the NCC driveway, and enrolled that very day.   

Although she had wanted to go to college at 17, she did not have the opportunity until she was 26.  She was then in the middle of getting a divorce.  Becoming a single parent of two children gave her the drive to finish school.   

“I loved that when I started this program (social work), it was offered online,” says Mable, a Bronx native, who has now lived in Carbon County for many years.  She did, however, take statistics and biology in person before the COVID-19 pandemic. “The instructor, Mr. Berger, gave me the encouragement to keep trying and keep coming to class.  I was afraid of the statistics class for two years,” she says.   

Tynia Mable

She tells new students to never give up on their goals and dreams, no matter what is stacked against them. 

Now, Mable plans to transfer to Columbus State University, where she will continue her education in social work. She wants to work in areas of high need and demand in order to make an effective impact. She urges incoming social work majors to do the same. 


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