McKenna Doyle loves studying the mind and why we do the things we do.  Helping others is a way she plans to use her knowledge.  The psychology major from Nazareth says, “I chose psychology because of my trauma and my past.  I want to help kids and teenagers who need someone, and I want to be that person.  I never want anyone to be alone, and I want to use my experience as a lesson for others.” 

Adopted from China, she is very excited to be taking Chinese language courses at NCC and is also studying Korean on her own time.  She is passionate about music and loves Korean music. 

Having had no encouragement to go to college, she is appreciative of the support she receives at NCC.  “I am lucky where I am now and surrounded by support,” she says.  “I love the opportunities NCC offers, and it feels very comforting and welcoming.”