Both study and sport require great dedication and discipline. Fausto Tovar, a paralegal major, has both qualities. He is a top-five triathlete in Europe, and participated in the Iron Man race as well as many other competitions.  

He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, to university professors:  his father, a social anthropologist and his mother a teacher of English.  He says that their influence and example are the reasons that “the value of ethics and study are in my genes.” 

From Sarasota, Florida, where Tovar was preparing for triathlons, he moved to the Lehigh Valley for family reasons.  He had heard very positive comments about NCC and researched the college for himself.  He discovered that NCC is highly recognized throughout the country. In addition, NCC’s excellent academic credentials, renowned professors, high-performing athletes, as well as its excellent gyms and sports fields, motivated him to enroll. 

Fausto Tovar
Fausto Tovar

At Northampton, he chose a paralegal major because he loves helping people.  “I believe in the importance of knowing the laws well and the rights and duties we have as citizens.”  He says it is his vocation to contribute his experience to solutions of the problems of the greater Hispanic community, as well as others who require his services. 

In addition to study and sports, Tovar works fulltime at Amazon, preparing new workers and translating for employees who do not speak English.  “It is sometimes difficult to have a balance between my studies and my job, so I must have good planning, discipline and perseverance,” he says. 

Tovar also practices meditation daily, which helps him find focus and develop his willpower.  He wants his fellow students and coworkers to know that even a few minutes of meditation can help them in difficult times.   

At NCC, he has met wonderful professors, all of whom have been helpful to him.   

His goal after NCC is to continue his education at Harvard University and follow in his parents’ footsteps, both of whom have doctorates.  “I would like to say with pride,” he says, “that I come from a community college, and I am at Harvard.” 

He is grateful for scholarships that have enabled him to continue his studies. 

“You can be a good student, a good worker and a good athlete at the same time with a little sacrifice and willpower,” Tovar says.  Discipline, determination and having a beautiful family are the key elements that work for him. 

“With these, everything can be done” Tovar says.