Caroline Bischof, a secondary education major and Northampton resident, began her studies at NCC as a dual enrollment student while in high school.  As a former dual enrollment student, she knew that classes were just the right size to have relationships with her professors rather than being just a face in the crowd.  It was a simple decision for her to enroll at NCC after high school. 
Since Bischof has always wanted to be a teacher, deciding on an education degree came naturally.  “I love the school environment and helping students learn.  The education classes at NCC truly prepare you for work as a teacher.  They not only teach the essentials of being a teacher, but also how to multitask.  The professors are absolutely amazing.  Dr. Bruno is the absolute best.  She is so smart and will help with whatever students need.  I have an endless appreciation for her.  They [professors] are there for you.  Also, the librarians are your best friends, helping you find anything you need.” 

She tells prospective students that teaching requires dedication because it is not easy, but that if you have that dedication and motivation, nothing will stop you. 

“At NCC,” she says, “there are so many opportunities, which helps to expose students to different things.  These opportunities allow us to make our own decisions and to go after them.” 

As Bischof is graduating early, she plans to return to NCC for one more semester to finish a communications studies degree.  

She is the recipient of the Louise Moore Pine Scholarship Endowment and the Kelly Kissiah Teacher Education Scholarship Endowment.