Twin brothers Kevin and Kaleb Fulmer of Nazareth attribute their great love of everything automotive to their grandfathers, both of whom worked as auto mechanics in area garages. 

“We lived near my grandfather, and we would go to his house and sit out on the porch with him,” Kaleb recalled during a recent interview. “He would tell us the makes and models of all the cars that came by on the street.”  

That early exposure to vehicles ignited their enduring love for autos and auto mechanics. 

“It was just watching the cars go by on that street that did it,” Kevin said. “We’ve loved cars since we were little kids.” 

The twins, 18, who graduated earlier this year from Nazareth High School, share a dream of opening a garage together. While it’s yet to be decided, they may consider calling it “Twin Turbos.” 

“A friend of our suggested that as a name and we thought that was a pretty neat idea,” Kevin said. “We’re thinking about it. 

Kevin and Kaleb are working toward their dream as scholarship students enrolled in Northampton Community College’s (NCC’s) automotive technology associate degree program. Kaleb is tracking Northampton’s GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP), while Kevin chose the global program option. They will tell you, without hesitation, how happy they are to be part of the program. 

“Northampton is just such an amazing school,” said Kaleb. “There aren’t that many auto mechanics programs around, and it’s great to be here. I’m so glad to be part of this.” 

They especially credit their teachers, who they say share their enthusiasm for cars and the auto service industry. 

“You can tell they really enjoy their jobs because they’re willing to stay late and work with you after class,” Kevin said. “They tell us how much they like being our teachers. We all get along because we share the same interests.” 

During high school, the twins achieved high grades, participated in sports (cross country and lacrosse for Kaleb and wrestling for Kevin), and held at least one after-school/weekend job. While they still work to help with expenses, they are now squarely focused on excelling at NCC, and cite motivation as their primary formula for success. 

The scholarships they received game them a lot of encouragement, Kaleb said. “We’ll do really well here because we are motivated to be here.” 

Kevin said both brothers understand that achieving their dream of opening a garage and realizing a successful future depends on the work they put in now. 

“Kaleb and I can’t see the success we want if we’re not motivated,” he said. “We’ve always strived to work hard and get the grades we need. We wouldn’t have gotten the scholarships and be here now if we weren’t motivated.” 

While college is currently their top priority, Kaleb and Kevin share another important goal – building project cars. 

When asked to explain exactly what building a project car entails, they smiled broadly as they explained. 

“You choose your favorite car and do something to make it really special,” said Kevin, who hopes to get a Nissan to work on. 

“It’s really hard and grueling and it takes a lot of time to build your dream car, but when you finish it, it must be so worth it,” added Kaleb, who plans to construct a Chevy.  

If enthusiasm, willingness to work hard and sheer personality are indicators, it seems a good bet that Kevin and Kaleb will realize their dreams – together. 

“People always ask us what it’s like to be a twin,” Kevin said. “I always say, ‘what’s it like to not be a twin?’” “But I’ll tell you what it’s like. It’s like having a best friend, right there, that you can count on every single day.” 

“It’s like having a best friend, right there, that you can count on every single day.”


  1. I would love to have classrooms full of students like you. You guys motivate us with your enthusiasm and hard work. I can’t wait to see where that attitude takes you years from now.

    I wish you all the best in whatever choices you make.

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