NCC student Fayola Georges. Photo by Randy Monceaux.

Fayola Georges, a business administration major at the Bethlehem Campus and resident of Easton, began her higher education while in high school, taking one course at a time at Northampton Community College, over a period of four semesters.  She then enrolled, as a freshman at Pace University, with twelve credits already on her transcript. But her plans changed.

“After the pandemic hit, I realized that taking out over fifteen thousand dollars in loans was absolutely unrealistic,” she says.  “I trust and believe that NCC will continue to give me an amazing education.”  She notes that NCC has specialized in online and in-person classes for decades and a has a beneficial transfer program.

A literal person, as she calls herself, she chose business administration because she is an out-of-the-box thinker who can plan ways to earn a continuous income.  She is happy to be in an accelerated program that allows her to challenge herself while excelling in other courses at the same time.  The program has strengthened her determination to earn further degrees and has helped her with time management.

Speaking of business, Georges launched one in May 2020:  Bottles 4 Change, intended to enhance the wellness of society by changing habits via prompts, self-awareness, and time management.  She plans to grow the business by adding apparel, planners, and stickers. 

Georges looks forward to joining clubs at NCC and forming new connections.  She was involved in many extracurricular activities at her former school.

Her hobbies include yoga, being with her family, reading, cooking, organizing and planning, and listening to music/audiobooks/podcasts. 

A Haitian American, Georges is bilingual, speaking English and Creole. She is working on learning French. 

“I was born and raised in America, and my mother did not want my siblings and me to only speak English.  We have tons of family in Haiti and around the world who speak Creole and French.  My mom has always joked that she wouldn’t want any of us to be with a family member who does not speak English and for us to be unable to communicate with them. Thanks, Mom!”

She is a recipient of the Brian D. Perin Endowed Scholarship and is proud to have been chosen.  “I  am so grateful to be able to receive a scholarship on my first semester back at NCC.  And I want to say thank you very much to donors who support NCC scholarships.”

Ultimately, Georges wants to be happy and make others happy, simultaneously, via her career.  Her dream is to become a college professor.