Summer. Well. Spent.  

Whether you’re already an NCC student or home from another college for the summer, there are great reasons to take a summer class (or two!) at NCC. 

1. Easy Breezy 

If you get classes out of the way over the summer, you may be able to take a lighter course load in the fall. For guest students, it’s easy to transfer credits to your current college or university.  


2. So Much Time For Activities 

Summer classes are accelerated; so, you can finish a course quickly! Who doesn’t want more time to enjoy themselves in the warm summer sun! 

3. We’re Flexible 

Choose how you want to take your summer courses. NCC offers remote and in-person options to suit your needs!

4. That’s A Tough One 

It’s easier to succeed in a difficult course if it’s one of only a few you’re taking. Plus, less students in the summer means your instructor will be even more accessible!  

5. Reaching The Finish Line  

Every class you take puts you that much closer to graduation!