The Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society recently welcomed new members to their reputable   organization at Northampton Community College (NCC). The Beta Beta Chi chapter at the Monroe campus formally inducted six members in addition to the 62 newest members that were inducted into the Tau Gamma chapter at Bethlehem campus. 

Phi Theta Kappa is a network of more than 3.8 million members around the world and holds itself to a high standard in education, leadership and success. To become an inducted member, one must fit the GPA and college credit qualifications that lead them to an invitation. 

On November 4, the Beta Beta Chi chapter held its induction ceremony at the Monroe campus. The President of NCC, Dr. David A. Ruth, and the Dean of Student Success, Dr. Eric Rosenthal, were the two keynote speakers for the ceremony. Dr. Ruth expressed the importance of getting involved in Phi Theta Kappa and commended the inductees for their academic accomplishments at NCC. Dr. Rosenthal also shared words of wisdom and noted the importance of balancing academic achievement with self-care to help each person become the best version of themselves. 

The Tau Gamma chapter held an informal ceremony on November 28 and will have a live, on-ground formal induction to honor the fall and spring inductees in March 2023. 

Congratulations to all the new inductees of the Phi Theta Kappa chapters of NCC. The College wishes you much success and hopes you always achieve your greatest goals wherever you may go. 

Tau Gamma Fall 2022 Inductees: 

Jarel Acosta Gonzalez, Essane Axelle Marie-Aurelia Agnimel, Rachael Allard, Ariana Allen, Crystal Arnold, Alba Arreaga, Mery Azar, Kayla Bobowski, Joel Borges-Lebron, Victoria Bradfield, Emilee Brewer, Isabelle Burnett, Elizabeth Causton, Tracy Christman, Allison Crilly, Kayla Deleo, Ivannia Diaz, Anthony Flores, Zoe Fortkamp, Ella Foulk, Sierra Green, Vincent Grossman, James Hartnett, Emma Held, Latoya Jenkins, Kyungeun Jo, Mya Kelly, Kaitlyn Kistler, Ryan Kulp, Truong Le, Marykate Lesnett, Zi Hao Li, Hannah Matthews, Margaret Mbugua, Nicole Mele, Daniel Miller, Ryan Mottley, Ngoc Nguyen, Emily Okeefe, Nathaniel Olson, Madelyn Ott, Amanda Paff, Emily Pham, Crismayli Polanco Disla, Jennifer Rhoades, Jacob Rittenhouse, Shanti Sajnani, Elio Sarkis, Kristofer Sellers, Janelle Siekonic, Brooke Sliker, Cristal Smith, Samantha Talero, Shatoh Todd, Eleana Turcios, Christina Varrone, Kyleigh Vicoso, Krystal Vrobel, Abigail Wallbillich, Phillip Williams, Vinayak Yadav, Molly Zweifel 

Tau Gamma Inductees Informal Gathering

Beta Beta Chi Fall 2022 Inductees: 

Nina Buschi, Dominick Genovese, Rachel Olson, Nicole Polanski, Amy Strunk, and Jonathan Torres 

Beta Beta Chi Inductees