Northampton Community College (NCC) Professor of Mathematics Dr. Celisa Counterman has been selected to participate in the Teacher Post-Secondary Education (TPSE) Leadership Institute as a TPSE Fellow. She is the only community college participant to be selected in the past two years.  

Counterman is participating in the TPSE Institute through a year-long program to help prepare a diverse group of future leaders in the field. The participants will expand their vision of what leadership means. 

“Dr. Counterman’s work will not only enhance the academic and intellectual environment in our college but also foster consistency across the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school and students’ experience. As a true believer in all the work she does with a strong sense of purpose, a passion in improving processes and helping her colleagues, Dr. Counterman’s participation in the TPSE will help her progress her leadership skills,” says Dean of STEM at NCC, Farah Bennani.  

Through her project, Counterman seeks to create a universal online training platform for faculty, new and current, in STEM disciplines to introduce them to content specific technology and college orientation. 

Her training platform will include college specific contacts, background for services offered at NCC, best practices for teaching in a variety of formats, resources for classroom management, and more. For content specific areas, like mathematics, there will be links to the syllabi, contacts, and other course specific nuances.  

“In the wake of the last few years dealing with a global pandemic, our resources for teaching have been stretched thin. More robust teaching and training of faculty make better courses for the students and continue to increase the transferability of both courses and degree programs.” Counterman says, determined to make a positive impact for NCC students and faculty alike. 

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