Teachers at Northampton Community College’s (NCC) Children’s Centers understand the importance of art in the classroom, and what started as a business-education partnership between NCC and Crayola LLC has grown into an annual event to celebrate children, their work, and the curriculum through their Art as a Way of Learning program.  

As Faye Freer, coordinator of the Hannig’s Children Center on Monroe campus notes, children can use visual arts to express themselves and develop critical thinking, visualization, and problem-solving skills fundamental to all learning. 

The program, which began in 1991, emphasizes research-based principles that integrate art into meaningful and engaging learning for children at NCC. The centers allow collaborations between children, teachers and NCC’s early childhood education students, with the occasional Artist-in-Residence. 

Freer says, “The work and documentation displayed in the galleries demonstrates all the hard work and learning that has taken place and honors and respects the child and their expressions.” 

Both Children’s Centers recently held their Art as a Way of Learning receptions, but the exhibitions will remain open at the times listed below for community members, family and friends to view the young protégés’ artwork.  

“Each year the Children’s Art Show demonstrates the importance of the processes of creating both individually and collaboratively. It’s a journey! This year continues to be a celebration of children and their stories, ideas, thoughts and dreams,” says Denise Madzik, coordinator at Reibman Hall Children’s Center on Bethlehem campus.  

Check out the Exhibition of Children’s Artwork, Monday through Thursday, until June 30 in the Keystone Hall Gallery at Monroe campus and until July 22 in the Communications Hall Gallery on Bethlehem campus.  


  1. Hi Mia,
    I want to thank you for your article about the NCC Children’s Centers Art Shows. As a teacher in the Reibman Center, I love to see children and the arts respected and celebrated. Well done.
    Sallyann Jeffreys

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