This spring, Northampton Community College (NCC) Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) welcomed its newest inductees into their academic honor society for two-year colleges. Tau Gamma, the Bethlehem campus chapter, held a virtual induction ceremony that hosted NCC graduate, former Tau Gamma chapter officer and professional photographer, John Zangari as the keynote speaker. Monroe campus Beta Beta Chi chapter held an in-person ceremony with keynote speaker Easton councilwoman and NCC graduate, Taiba Sultana. 

 Zangari spoke on his experiences as a member of the chapter and encouraged the newest 73 inductees of the chapter, “PTK allowed me to get into many different service projects like helping veterans and participating in special Olympics,” said Zangari. He described his attachment to the chapter and how it changed him as a person, “Phi Theta Kappa truly has led me to where I am today. Use the experiences at PTK to propel yourself forward,” said Zangari.  

NCC left an impact on Sultana’s life. “When you leave this place you don’t just simply leave, you leave a legacy behind,” said Sultana. She also praised the chapter on the different community projects they participate in, “The work that you all are doing is amazing, and it’s truly going to change your lives,” added Sultana. She motivated the newest inductees, “Have faith in the right timing and never give up.” 

For an invitation into PTK, a student should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and must be attending NCC full time with 12 completed credits or attend part-time with 15 completed credits. Once all requirements are met, the student is inducted into the distinguished society.  

Congratulations to the newest inductees! May your achievements at NCC be an instrument for a great future. 

Tau Gamma Inductees: 

Justin Abarca, Kiya Alston, Khadija Ambari, Corinne Anderko, Jordan Appleton, Nicole Bakke, Claudia Barker, Manuel Bermeo, Jared Blair, Joseph Brown, Dillon Riley Buckmaster, Tomica Carrington, Sean Cleary, Samya Colon, Isabella Conte, Adanne Cuthbertson, Hailey Dalton, Faith Degroat, Amanda Dickison, Alexis Drissel, Mayzi  Edelheiser, Heather  Ehritz, Magdalene Feliciano, Brielle Flores, Mikayla Fluck, Eric Fonseca, Matthew Garatty, Marla Gonzalez, Joseph Gorman, Christopher Hedden, Jake Hendershot, Amanda Hooper, Dasha Jaime, Genesis Jimenez Ventura, Brenna Johnson, Emily Johnson, Omer Faruk Kandemir, Crystal Koch, Jessica Kurman, Emily Larsen, Phillip Legath, Brendon Lima Valle, Damaris Lima Valle, Lauren Mantz, Jeyriliz Marrero Bonilla, Elizabeth Mendez, Anna Mikulski, Kaleb Missmer, Erin Molchany, Isabella Morales, Kedar Narayan, Jade Oliva, Kimberly Oneill Gomes, Carmen Ortiz, Daniel Ott, Mark Petrik, Samantha Pope, Michael Prendeville, Vaughn Rienits, Melissa Scherer, Christiana Schleich, Aiden Sheikh, Kourtney Smothers, Jaileen Soto, Thomas Stackhouse, Stephen Summers, Kelly Torok, Rebecca Uwase, Alyssa Vanderhoef, Alivea Vento, Tara Walsh, Abby Weidaw, Maurice Whan 

Beta Beta Chi Inductees:  

Samya Colon, Sophia Copeman, Kaitlyn Seawood, Christina Wolfe-Seraline, Reiss Triantis