Financial Aid February at Northampton Community College (NCC) shed light on the importance of financial aid for college students. Informing students about financial aid can help make their college experience more manageable. Throughout the month, students had an opportunity to get hands on assistance with their FAFSA, learn about using federal loans to their advantage, and connect with employers at our federal work study fair to build valuable experience and earn work study funds. 

Here are some quick facts on financial aid at NCC: 

  •  90% of NCC Aid applicants who apply for aid qualify for some form of financial assistance. 
  • 54% of NCC students currently receive financial aid. NCC has the largest private scholarship program of any community college in the state and awards over 600 scholarships each year. 
  • NCC currently has over 170 work study opportunities available that help build resume experience. 

“This year’s #FINAIDFEB held multiple events with one goal in mind, raise our student’s financial aid awareness to effectively use the resources available to them.  A common misconception is that financial aid is difficult to attain, but many of our students qualify for aid. We’re very thankful for everyone who participated in #FINAIDFEB and follow us on Twitter @NCCFATEAM to stay updated on all things financial aid,” said Thomas Hackman, financial aid officer at NCC. 

From filling out the FAFSA form to different scholarship opportunities, financial aid information sessions helped students explore the intricacies of financial aid and provided recommendations on where to get help. But students don’t need to wait until the next info session if they need assistance. Our Financial Aid team is available Monday-Friday to help students complete their FAFSA and answer questions. If you’d like to book an appointment, click here to learn more.  

Staying well informed on work-study opportunities is also  part of the financial aid process. With today’s workforce being extremely competitive, NCC’s work-study job fair  gave students the opportunity to get involved in a resume-building experience and explore potential work-study jobs at the college. NCC’s Center for Civic and Community Engagement is looking for student ambassadors to help with community-related programs and implement the Culture of Caring Initiative. Reibman Hall Children’s Center is looking for student aids to support children, families, and teachers while upholding the program’s mission of embracing uniqueness and inspiring respect. The Commuter seeks out staff writers and editors to provide relevant and compelling news stories. “Some of our editors are graduating this year so we’ll need new people to join,” said Professor of Journalism, Robert Hays. NCC is also looking for students to give tours to prospective students interested in joining the school. This is a perfect way to share NCC pride! Students who attended the fair learned that the work-study opportunities are extensive. 

NCC encourages all students to educate themselves on financial aid and apply for it. Students are often eligible for more assistance than they assumed they would receive. To get started, visit our financial aid page today!