Students who find their way into NCC’s Honors Program not only discover a path to academic excellence and new intellectual challenges, they’re also excelling at four-year institutions and making an impact across the nation.

You can find them thriving as town mayors, and PhD students, studying at some of the top universities in the world and protecting our planet. They are movers and shakers making their mark on and off campuses.

NCC’s Honors Program is designed to meet the needs of the most academically prepared students by providing an enriched educational environment that challenges students to reach their full potential. NCC students can enter the honors program directly out of high school, or as an already-established college student if they have a 3.5 high school GPA,  graduated from the top 20% of their high school class, have a 3.5 college GPA after 12 credits (in transfer courses only) or have a recommendation from someone familiar with their academic abilities

Here’s a glimpse at what some of our recent honors program grads are up to:

  • Katelyn Armbruster transferred to NCC partner school Lehigh University and recently accepted the position of program manager at the Sustainability Solutions Service at Arizona State University, part of the new Global Futures Laboratory.
  • Kim Kindred was just accepted and transferred to Mount Holyoke, an elite all-women’s college, with a full scholarship. She is one of the school’s Frances Perkins scholars.
  • Kaitlyn McCormack transferred to Queen Mary College in London in the fall of 2021, where she hopes to pursue her lifelong dream of writing for British television.
  • Wesley Smith transferred to and graduated from NCC partner school Dickinson College, was recently elected mayor of Wind Gap and was sworn in on Jan. 3.
  • Morgan Bayer transferred to Kutztown University where she is majoring in writing and journalism.
  • Alia Cantoral transferred to East Stroudsburg University in the fall.
  • Christopher Shosted transferred to NCC partner school Moravian University where he graduated from in spring 2020, and entered a PhD program at Lehigh (in English).

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