Whether you’re a new student, visiting student, or a current student, there are plenty of reasons to take a flexible, online, winter class!

1.   Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Taking a class during chilly winter can lighten your class load for spring. Stay warm in the comfort of your own home (pjs and hot cocoa optional since these are online classes) and have more free time in the sunny spring!  

2.   Home for the Holidays?

Our winter session is open to Northampton Community College students AND visiting students who attend other colleges and universities. Credits earned will get you one step closer to completion at NCC and are easily transferred to other colleges. 

3.   Reboot and Focus!

This is the perfect time to retake a class you failed or had to withdraw from, or take that harder course you’ve been putting off. You can focus all your attention on that one class, and increase your chances of succeeding!

4.   Done in a Flurry!            

You’ll complete your class before you know it. Classes only last for four weeks!  

Head over to northampton.edu/winter to pick your classes today!