PTK Congrats
PTK Congrats

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an International Honor Society for two-year colleges. Northampton Community College (NCC) has two PTK chapters, Tau Gamma and Beta Beta Chi. Both recently held virtual induction ceremonies welcoming new members into their scholarly society.  

Tau Gamma, the Bethlehem Campus chapter, held its ceremony on March 24. The keynote speaker was Katelyn Schoelles, an NCC graduate and former Tau Gamma Chapter President. Schoelles won both the Coca-Cola Silver Scholarship Award and Board of Trustee Leadership Award in 2018. Dr. Mark Erickson, president of NCC, and Dr. Eric Rosenthal, dean of student success and retention, also shared some words of wisdom with the newest inductees. 

The Monroe Campus chapter, Beta Beta Chi held their induction on April 1. The keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Robinson, vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion and chief diversity officer for NCC. He commended and congratulated the inductees.  

In order to be invited to join PTK, one must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and be a full-time student with 12 credits completed or a part-time student with 15 credits completed. Those who meet these requirements are inducted into the prestigious society that takes pride in leadership, service, scholarship, and fellowship.  

Both Beta Beta Chi and Tau Gamma are five-star chapters within the PTK society and rising stars amongst the PTK Middle States Region. Both chapters are active on their campuses creating social justice and mental health awareness events, volunteering for the community, and holding delicious fundraisers by pairing with vendors like Krispy Kreme and Gertrude Hawk Chocolates.  

Congratulations to the newest chapter members. May your future endeavors at NCC be a stepping stone to greater achievements!

Beta Beta Chi Spring 2021 Inductees: 

Rebecca Ashdot, George Barakat, Nyameka Hall, Thandi Jussu, Paul Menditto, Joseph Totero  

Tau Gamma Spring 2021 Inductees: 

Rebecca Abbott, Evan Betzenberger, Margaret Brown, Sthephanil Cernas-Salazar, Cole Clapp, Jessica Cole, Amelia Cuello, Mary D’Angelo, Emily Doddy, Rayn Feeney, Teofolo Filingo, Elizabeth Franzo, Ebony Galbreath, Katelyn Garlick, Erin Griffiths, Cassidy Guers, Diane Gutierrez, Kayden Haberstumpf, Maci Herman, Eliasa Herrera, Alexandria Hoats, Shannon Hoff, Connor Houghton, Rebekah Humphreys, Mackenzie Hutchison, Charles Kelshaw, Kiondre Malik Kenner, Tess Kindred, Gavin Kocher, Cameron Labarge, Julia Leal Machado, Emma Lee, Isabella Lopez, Jared McDonald, Terry Melendez, Axenia Milian, Katie Minervini, Jillian Mullen, Keith Neidig, Alexis Nemeth, Nhi Quach, Cade Rhinehart, Nicholas Rinker, Kristell Rubiera, Hannah Ryan, Emily Seepes, Sarah Szulborski, Nicole Taylor, Tran Thanh, Love Villaceran, Jennifer Vogt, Kaitlyn Winchilla, Lucas Wolk, & Franco Zarzosa Castillo