MyNCC, the Northampton Community College portal that allows students to access grades, financial aid information, billing, and more, is going to be replaced soon by a new system. Carmen Ocasio, current student and employee in the Marketing and Communications office, sat down with Deb Burak, NCC’s associate vice president and chief information officer, to get the scoop on Workday, when things are going to happen, and what students can expect.  

Q: Why are you replacing MyNCC with Workday? 

A: Our current system, MyNCC (also known as CARS), is nearing 30 years old and is based on older technologies which are more challenging to support and update. The system is also lacking many modern features and capabilities that Workday can offer to enhance the student experience. 

Q: How is Workday different from MyNCC? What makes it better?  

A: Several years ago, NCC went through a lengthy process to select a new student information system. We chose Workday for its modern user experience. Students can see academic progress towards their degree, overall and major GPA, financial aid awards, and can search and select courses and sections using a variety of choices such as location, department, and more. The system also has a waitlist function for class scheduling. Overall, this system has a lot more to offer to our students to make their lives easier! 

Q: What will students use Workday for? 

A: Workday will be used for all student records processing, from application through graduation. This includes admissions, advising and academic planning, student records updates, financial aid, billing and payments, and other requests. It replaces the need for students to fill out hard copy paperwork.  

Q: How can students access Workday? Webpage? Mobile?  

A: Workday can be accessed via a webpage, mobile device such as an iPad or cell phone, or through the Workday mobile app. Security is an important feature of the new Workday Student system. The first time logging in, students will need to set up “multifactor authentication (MFA)” as an extra security measure to ensure no one else can access a student’s information. 

Q: Approximately when will Workday be available to students?  

A: Students will receive information in early March 2021. The system will be used for all Fall ’21 activities related to advising, registration, financial aid, billing. During the period of March through September, MyNCC/CARS will be used for all Spring and Summer ’21 advising, registration, financial aid and billing activities, so we will be living in 2 systems for 6 months. MyNCC will be turned off in early September 2021. 

Q: Will there be a way students can get practice with the system? 

A: In early March 2021, students will be sent instructions to access a site with learning resources – short orientation videos and Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) so they aren’t going in blindly! The instructions will also include simple login information, setting up “MFA”, initial “onboarding” steps, and navigating the new system. We will be available via phone, e-mail and zoom for any questions students have so a student will have plenty of resources and support available when they first get acquainted with the system. 

Q: Will students still use their other logins (Blackboard, Email, etc.), or will they all be available in Workday?  

A: Students will use the same login as they currently use to access MyNCC, email, etc. There is a  “single sign-on” page which lists the systems that can be accessed through the student’s username and password. 

Q: What impact will the move to Workday have on student workers? 

A: Student workers currently use Workday to enter time worked and receive paycheck. Later this summer, students will be able to search for and apply to student worker jobs through Workday making it even easier to access job information in one place.