The Fundamentals of Beer, Wines and Spirits Class met weekly this past fall semester, following all COVID-19 safety protocols, in Northampton Community College’s Fowler Family Southside Center. Taught by Professor Rebecca Heid, the students learned how to correctly set up a bar for catered events. They also learned about the beer and wine making process, including an the opportunity to visit and tour Franklin Hill Vineyards during prime grape harvesting season.  

Retired Culinary Arts Instructor Chef Sue Roth taught the Hospitality students during a Food Prep Class. The students met one day a week in the Fowler kitchen for demonstrations and hands on practical cooking lessons. They baked, learned knife skills, prepared soups, salads, vegetables, grains, egg cookery, sauces, fish, shellfish, and chicken fabrication. Seven students began the class and they all successfully completed it. 

Click here to see the delicious dishes the students created!