Conrad Richebacher, fine art major at Northampton Community College (NCC), is not your average student. He is 77 years old and a retired architect, but since the 1960s, he has taken classes in the fine arts Program at NCC, interested in making the world a more beautiful place. While at NCC, Richebacher has seized the study abroad opportunities offered by NCC, including two trips to Egypt.  

With his background in architecture and love of art, a trip to Egypt was very special to him, particularly getting the chance to see magnificent structures like the pyramids and mosques.  

“There is something very special about Egypt and its people.” 

Richebacher shares sage thoughts from his study abroad trips with NCC. “The one thing you always learn when you travel is that we are all the same loving people.  The chance to travel abroad with NCC is one I’m very thankful for that ends up producing a lifetime of memories.” 

His love of Egypt inspired his final capstone fine art project, currently on exhibit in Communications Hall on Bethlehem Campus until December 11 alongside his fellow spring 2020 fine arts graduates. Due to COVID-19, this exhibition is open to NCC faculty, staff and students only.  

Conrad’s work, inspired by his studies abroad, is displayed at NCC’s Bethlehem Campus

The art was created in a class this past spring taught by Professor of Fine Arts, Rachael Gorchov. Richebacher worked with copper, Gorchov says, to weave the relationship he experienced between ancient and contemporary Egypt. Once the college transitioned to a fully remote format in March, Conrad finished this work largely independently.  

Gorchov said, “It’s been exciting seeing him work through this project. I had the pleasure of accompanying Conrad on his second study abroad to Egypt. He made this work with the support and influence from his fellow students who encouraged him to focus how his personal experience of the country interacts with his sensibilities as an artist.” 

Richebacher is taking a sculpture class this fall 2020 semester at the Fab Lab, and he plans to transfer to East Stroudsburg University (ESU) to continue his studies in fine art. His desire is to return to Egypt again someday.