Northampton Community College’s (NCC) dental hygiene program held a pinning ceremony for its May graduates at Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theater in Orefield, PA. A pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of new graduates into their chosen profession and is typically held for students going into health care professions.

“I want to thank the faculty for the time and energy spent teaching me what it means to be a great hygienist.,” said Gillian Carroll, NCC dental hygiene graduate and awards recipient.

The delayed ceremony made for a special yet socially distanced celebration for the graduates, where the loved ones watched in their cars as students were called up one by one to be pinned by a family member. Graduates, officers and award recipients are listed below.

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Waleed Ahmad, Heather Anderson, Gillian Carroll, Marissa Cirigliano, Sheyla De La Cruz, Alisha Dennis, Rachel Eckert, Caitlynn Hahn, Debra Hancock, Mikayla Hanna, Cassidy Hess, Letitia Hill, Stephanie Klavon, Megan Krick, Addison Lesher, Dawn Marinelli, Sara Marshall, Destiny Mokshefski, Christina Moore, Lauren Muniz, Kiersten Musco, Jalissa Nolt, Amy Ponzi, James Reno, Heidi Rosas, Samantha Senn, Amanda Sroka, Alexa Tauriello, Briana Tracey, Nicole Truesdale


Jalissa Nolt, Co-President
Alisha Dennis, Co-President
Briana Tracey, Treasurer
Kiersten Musco, Secretary


Cook Academic Excellence Award Winner – Gillian Carroll, RDH
PDHA’s Clark J. Hollister Award for Public Health – Marissa Cirigliano, RDH
PDHA Board Scholarship – Jalissa Nolt, RDH
Dental Health Education Award – Cassidy Hess, RDH
Hygiene Hero Award – Briana Tracey, RDH
Outstanding Clinician Award – Kiersten Musco, RDH

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