In the amazing Walt Disney World, there are countless stories of individuals who have found their own paths to magic and have made memories that will last a lifetime. Among these stories is Northampton Community College (NCC) 2021 graduate, Kody Cicale, who found his calling by combining his joy of new experiences with his enthusiasm for hospitality management, his major at NCC. 

The hospitality program equipped him with a strong foundation, which he has applied directly to real world scenarios and career opportunities post-graduation. Thanks to the NCC internship program, Cicale was able to get an internship with EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. This opportunity not only allowed him to contribute to the magic of the parks, but also led to personal and professional growth that has undoubtedly shaped his promising future. 

Among his various roles and responsibilities at EPCOT, Cicale’s main responsibilities as a custodial cast member involve maintaining the cleanliness and appeal of EPCOT. This ranges from ensuring trash cans are emptied promptly to engaging with guests, answering their questions, and providing assistance. His dedication to his role in the hospitality industry has a positive reflection at Disney and helps create memorable and positive guest experiences.  

Cicale explained how he found a unique way to incorporate his creative spirit into his work by learning the concept of “leaf Mickeys” – which involves crafting Mickey Mouse shapes from fallen leaves and arranging them for guests to discover. Witnessing the delight on guests’ faces as they stumbled upon these leaves became a cherished highlight of his days. 

Cicale advises aspiring hospitality professionals to embrace learning experience. “The hospitality industry is all about learning hands on. Being put into situations and learning from them is the best way you can grow while in the industry. Take every opportunity that comes your way.” 

Reflecting on his time with NCC and Disney, he highlighted the reward of turning dreams into reality and explained that throughout his journey, mentors from Disney and NCC have played a significant role in guiding him. Their encouragement and support empowered Cicale to reach new heights, both in the classroom and at work. After his internship, Cicale was offered a full-time position, emphasizing his dedication and work ethic. Looking ahead, Cicale envisions a future within the Disney Parks organization, aspiring to climb the ladder of success. 

Cicale’s journey serves as an inspiration to all who have a dream, reminding us that with perseverance, commitment, and a touch of magic, anything is possible.