Through a generous donation from Michael and Amy Klotz, NCC’s newly named Disc Golf Course on Bethlehem campus officially had its grand opening this spring. On April 25, a ribbon cutting for the new course was held and followed by demonstrations and lessons from Lehigh Valley Disc Pros. 

The NCC Disc Golf Course is a 9-hole course designed by Richie Klinger from DiscGolf Park. The course, accessible at any time, is located on the Bethlehem campus, behind parking lot A adjacent to NCC’s East 40 community garden. The course is open to the public, is suitable for players of all levels, and takes about an hour to complete. 

When playing at NCC’s Disc Golf Course, teams or individuals will need their own discs to play. For NCC staff, faculty and students, disc kits will be available for use through Student Life and the Residence Halls on the Bethlehem campus. 

Disc golf is a popular sport in the region, with 10 disc golf courses in the Lehigh Valley and NCC making number 11. The rules and objective are similar to regular golf. The winner of disc golf is the one who hits the target with their frisbee in the least amount of throws. 

The Klotz family saw the value of bringing it to the college. Individuals from the college and community members can get together for something fun and active on campus with the benefit of being outdoors.  

“My husband loves disc golf. He participated competitively in college,” Amy says, mentioning that her family even built their house in walking distance to a disc golf course where he takes their boys, Jake, 5, and Elliott, 8. 

Amy has had a lifetime affiliation with the college since her beginnings in the NCC’s Horizons for Youth program, where her son, Elliott, also takes camp classes. Once she aged out of the program, she became a counselor. Ultimately, she returned to NCC for her studies. 

“I feel at home at the college. It’s such a good community here, and when I was studying here, it was a safe place for me to explore and not go into crazy debt. NCC was truly a transformative experience for me,” she says, and now pays forward that same helpful spirit as an adjunct accounting professor. 

For those who want to play on the course, find a full set of rules at