Northampton Community College (NCC) students, Jesus Zaldivar and Chris Devlin, took home first and second place awards at the 2023 Student Keystone Media Awards Ceremony held in Harrisburg on April 26.  

The Student Keystone Media Awards distinguishes high school and college journalism students that provide relevance, integrity, and initiative in serving their audience. Each first-place winner received plaques and each second-place winner received certificates for their hard work and achievements. 

Congratulations to these students on being recognized at this year’s Keystone Student Media Awards! 

Jesus Zaldivar 
1st place in Columns for “Understanding the scope of biotech’s scientific breakthroughs,” “Practice leads to good, pain‐free writing,” and “Negligent ‘professional’ cremation forces empty burial” 
2nd place in Editorial for “Confronting gun violence in the U.S.: Well-intentioned thoughts and prayers need real action,” ” ‘I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody:’ A Republican affair with money, guns & mass death,” and “Local scenes of democracy in action” 
2nd in Personality Profile for “What’s on the president’s mind?” 

Chris Devlin 
1st place in Editorial for: “Never forget,” “To preserve democracy, MAGA candidates like Doug Mastriano must be defeated,” and “When opinion is fact: MAGA is madness and must be stopped” 
1st place in Cartoon and Graphic Illustrations including: “Putin‐Trump‐Red Flag,” “Gas Prices,” and “Gun Protection” 
1st place in Podcast for: “A decade since the shooting death of Michael ‘O Head’ Randolph, questions remain”  
You can read their winning articles, listen to podcasts, and see their cartoons all on the Commuter website: