The cultural diversity and global topics poster conference held by Northampton Community College (NCC) took place on April 11 in the Bethlehem campus Laub Lounge and showcased NCC students’ abilities to put together compelling and thought-provoking presentations on a wide range of cultural diversity and global topics. Everyone who attended was able to see an arrangement of posters discussing crucial issues, including climate change, poverty in Africa, the war on drugs, and many other relevant topics.

The poster conference was aimed at encouraging meaningful discussions between students and community members while expanding their knowledge of the world through a broader lens. The students involved had dedicated weeks of preparation leading up to the conference, attending workshops where they were trained on how to present their research effectively, create concise and clear messages, and design visually appealing posters that would captivate their audience. Additionally, they were encouraged to blend some of their cultural backgrounds and personal experiences into their presentations to make them more relatable and engaging. 

All of their hard work paid off as every poster was impressive, informative, and beautifully designed. While this event was both informative and educational, it also created an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that represented the diverse and unique culture throughout NCC.