Every semester, the Northampton Community College (NCC) Monroe campus bookstore holds a school supplies donation drive to donate to a local high school or middle school. This fall, the bookstore selected Pocono Mountain school district.  

One student, 24-year-old Danasia White, walked into the Monroe campus bookstore and donated 99 items to the school supply drive, which came to a total of $331. “This is the biggest donation that we have ever received for our school supply drive. I thought it was a wonderful display of kindness and giving,” said Assistant Store Manager Paul Corona. Items that were donated included pens, pencils, books, binders, folders and even face masks for children in school.  

 Recognizing that a lot of families faced financial strain being out of work, she decided she would put her money to good use. White’s empathy comes from her own struggles growing up. 

When she was a teenager, White didn’t know how to interpret her feelings of extreme sadness. “I didn’t have a lot of support and mental health issues ran through my family.” 

Healthy coping habits and a therapist helped her through her depression, and thus, gave her a path in life. She currently works at Geisinger Community Medical Center in the registration department in the emergency room. As a psychology major at NCC, she plans to eventually attend medical school and become a psychiatrist for young children providing them an outlet to be themselves. “I notice a lot of suicide, and I want to prevent that and give them hope.”   

White sends a good message when she says, “I think it’s important especially during the pandemic to be kind and helpful in any way to whomever you can because many families are struggling right now and can use the extra support.”