In the larger context of Northampton Community College’s (NCC) more than 50 year history, two years might not seem like a long time, but given the fact that much of those two years has found us doing business as “unusual”, it is important for us to let you know that during that period, the Center for Business and Industry leaders have collaborated to find the best ways to serve our community. After all, it is our middle name!

Leadership in Community Education at NCC has several new faces and names, some new to the College and others new to their role. Several of our long-standing leaders have broadened their focus to include timely offerings and new partnerships. We have challenged and supported each other to identify the best ways for virtual learning to happen, focused on the highly valued social learning that has been a hallmark of our on-ground programming, and found ways to resource and use each other’s expertise.

So, what’s new in CBI?

Community Programs – Audree Chase-Mayoral, Director

The Community Education program welcomed a new Associate Dean, Audree Chase-Mayoral in June 2020. While known for their outstanding personal enrichment courses and Horizons for Youth camps, Community Education also provides team building events in their newly renovated open cooking lab where your workforce can reconnect after a year of remote work. You decide the menu, we provide the instruction, and everyone enjoys a delicious meal and some valuable time together.

Fab Lab – Sean Brandle, Director

In the beginning of the pandemic, Sean & Fab Lab instructors quickly jumped into action utilizing the laser cutters and facility to fabricate almost 14,000 mask kits for the local community. The Fab Lab not only provides a robust offering of programs to the community, but we also provide services to businesses. Fab Lab instructors can work one-on-one with your employees on design software programs like AutoCAD, Revit, Fusion and Solidworks. Employees can learn specialized skills such as welding and CNC Operations & Programming. Business memberships are also available for purchase allowing access to our industrial machines & equipment.

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) – Raja Bhattacharya, Director

In the early days of the pandemic, the CIE was able to convert its highly popular weekly program, One Million Cups to a virtual platform so participants could continue to be inspired by the success of Lehigh Valley entrepreneurs. One Million Cups continues to meet virtually on Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m.

Healthcare Education – Eileen Truscott, Associate Director

Healthcare education provides on-site and open enrollment employee health training classes for Lehigh Valley residents and employers. When the pandemic hit, Eileen and her staff developed a safe solution for training by providing the skills portion of the CPR, First Aid or Basic Life Support programs online and then scheduling hands-on training in safe, socially distanced classrooms, ensuring that no one’s certifications would lapse.

Leadership Learning and Development – Ann Raines, Director

After serving the College for close to 30 years as an adjunct and Associate Director, Ann assumed the role of Director two years ago. She supported the transition to on-line synchronous learning, as well as updating best practices in management and leadership and creating fresh leadership topics for emerging leaders. She is thrilled that Leadership Lehigh Valley and Leadership Pocono will begin again on-ground in September of 2021.

Safety – Tom Barnowski, Director

Safety never takes a break, especially during a pandemic. As COVID-19 surged, Tom became a valuable resource for businesses and the community. In partnership with DCED, Tom delivered a series of virtual training sessions to Northampton County businesses on COVID-19 risk management and recovery. He also continued to provide on-site and virtual OSHA Outreach training and OTI Education Center classes to ensure local businesses remained safe and compliant.

No matter what your learning need and your preferred format for learning, we are here to support your growth and excellence. One thing remains the same – we look forward to working with you!