NCC to Add Men’s Volleyball

    Thanks to a grant from NJCAA Foundation and First Point Volleyball!


    The Northampton Community College (NCC) athletic program will be adding men’s volleyball as its newest sport, thanks in part to a $10,000 grant from the NJCAA Foundation and First Point Volleyball Foundation.  

    “As one of 19 First Point Foundation board members, I can say we are so proud to be able to support the NJCAA and these 15 institutions starting men’s volleyball,” said Mick Haley, First Point Volleyball Foundation volunteer board member and AVCA Hall of Famer. A former men’s volleyball coach at Kellogg Community College (MI), Haley led the program to four NJCAA national championships, back when the sport was sponsored, before stints as head women’s coach at the University of Texas, University of Southern California, and the 2000 US Women’s Olympic Team in Sydney. “Two-year colleges present the most affordable opportunity for young people to play college volleyball during a time when students want to stay closer to home,” Haley continued. “Our hope at First Point is to see 35 or 40 more two-year colleges follow these 15 and sponsor men’s volleyball.”  

    In May, the NJCAA in collaboration with First Point Volleyball Foundation announced a $200,000 grant to support the growth of men’s volleyball as an emerging sport within the Association. The NJCAA Foundation awarded grants to 15 member colleges, including Northampton, to support the initiative towards men’s volleyball becoming a full NJCAA championship sport.  

    “We are thrilled to add the sport of men’s volleyball to athletic offerings,” stated Troy Tucker, NCC Director of Athletics. “Boys’ volleyball is a tremendously popular sport at the high school level here in the Lehigh Valley and now we offer those student-athletes the ability to continue to play at the next level.” 

    With male volleyball participation growing around the nation, First Point Volleyball Foundation is leading men’s volleyball towards unprecedented heights, creating opportunities for young men to develop as players and people.  

    “The ability to create more opportunities for student-athletes to compete in college and take part in a growing sport is one of the ultimate wins the NJCAA Foundation can achieve,” said Brian Luckett, NJCAA Foundation Executive Director. “We are appreciative of the First Point Volleyball Foundation for making this possible and the NJCAA member colleges who have stepped up to make history by bringing back men’s volleyball to the association.” 

    NCC will hire a coach and begin recruiting this Spring 2022 and will begin competition in the Spring of 2023.   

    “As we work to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games, all of us at USA Volleyball are excited by this awesome news of 15 newly announced men’s collegiate volleyball programs at two-year colleges,” stated John Speraw, First Point Volleyball Foundation Founder and volunteer Chairman and head coach of the US Men’s National Team and UCLA Men’s Volleyball. “I suspect it won’t be long before an NJCAA athlete will play for Team USA,” Speraw added. “I want to personally thank all the donors to First Point Volleyball Foundation, past and future, for making these grants possible.”  

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    About First Point Volleyball Foundation 
    Founded in 2016 by John Speraw, head coach of the USA Men’s National Team and UCLA Men’s Volleyball and Wade Garard, First Point Volleyball Foundation exists to provide opportunities for young people to mature and develop through volleyball. Specifically focused on growing boys’ and men’s volleyball in the United States, First Point Volleyball Foundation initiates and celebrates FIRST POINTS whether that is a first point of a new collegiate team, or a new high school team, or a first point of competitive volleyball for a 12-year-old. The Foundation has three strategic initiatives: (1) Growing collegiate opportunities; (2) Growing high school boys’ opportunities; and (3) the Extending Reach Diversity Initiative – expanding volleyball opportunities to boys and men of color.   

    About NJCAA Foundation 
    The mission of the NJCAA Foundation is to enhance the NJCAA national organization, student-athletes, member colleges and local communities through financial support, scholarships, program initiatives and community service.