With declining COVID infection rates and increasing vaccination levels, Northampton Community College (NCC) plans to fully reopen this fall as eager students look forward to returning to the college’s campuses in Northampton and Monroe counties. NCC plans to offer a mix of programs and courses delivered on campus and online much like it did during pre-pandemic semesters.

“I’m excited to say our campuses will be fully open this fall,” said NCC President Mark Erickson. “We anticipate a vibrant presence of students, faculty, and staff back on campus, creating the energy and engagement that has been the hallmark of this college for decades.”

The college plans to continue its successful efforts to guard against COVID spread by following state and federal guidelines for social distancing and masking, requiring completion of an online health check to enter campus and enhancing cleaning efforts for classrooms and public spaces.

While most classes in the fall will be held live on campuses, the college is not abandoning the rich offering of online and blended learning options that have become the staple of instruction since spring of 2020 when the pandemic began. “We realize that online learning for some students is their preferred modality,” said Erickson. “So we don’t want to limit their learning choices to only on-ground options. We will offer the courses students want in the delivery format that best suits their learning styles and lifestyles.”

NCC is also offering courses on campus and online this summer beginning May 24 while the college’s popular Horizons for Youth summer program for students in grades K-12 begins June 14. Visit northampton.edu for more information about all programs and details on how to register for classes.